remote conrolled led string lights

Remote Controlled LED String lights

Remote Controlled LED String Lights

The remote controlled LED string lights is ideal for lighting decorations.


The remote controlled led string lights are made of a fine bendable copper wire that you can build it to any shape you want: around on the Christmas trees, Hang on the wall, Light up your garden, make everywhere like a new place, make your life colorful. The remote controlled led string lights is 33ft(10 meters), contains 100LEDs. The copper wire light string is low power, with bright light output. These lights are perfect for positioning lights to any decorative or holiday project, Suitable for party, square, garden, indoor decoration, outdoor decoration, etc.

Bendable and Flexible
Made using high quality copper, Satisfy your creativity desire by bend the LED string light into many unique shapes, or twining around plants and furniture you love, or pinned across walls and ceilings and create the perfect atmosphere .

Business Use
For business use, you can wrap around your business signs to make it more magical and eye catching, or decorate across your restaurant walls to compliment your dining experiences and create the perfect memories for your customers. Adorn your shop/bar/office with this affordable and unique light and make your business stand out from the crowd.

Safety First
Safety is important. Our power adapter certified with CE and RoHS for business and home use. Its 5 foot cable will make sure the adapter tucked safely away safely.The copper wire (with LED light) is water resistant and can be used both indoor and outdoor without any worry of moisture or weather damage or short circuit, The LED used are low heat emission and remains cool after many hours of usage.

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