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LED Bracelet Accessory

In addition to exploring the implementation of new products in new practical fields, GFLAI also invests resources in innovating and improving existing products.

Light Up Cone

GFLAI does not only focus on the design of LED products for professional active people but also places its vision on the combination of LED products and practicality as one of its development directions.

Customized Products

Let's make something together totally unique in the wordwide

The Video of Pumpkin Lights

Get ready to light up your Halloween with our LED Pumpkin Light! 🎃🔥

Instruction of Floating Pool Light Ball

Instruction of Floating LED Illuminated Ball Light

Why Choose GFLAI LED Bracelets?

Why Choose GFLAI LED Bracelets?

How to Setup the DMX512 LED Wristband?

8 Steps to Setup the Laptop DMX512 LED Wristband